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For a 72h made game it was a bliss. Would love to see a bigger game with this idea and mechanics.


love it


Чистая наркомания

Very nice story and atmosphere, I could see this expanded into something really good.

I very much liked the manta rays!

Very weird... but very cool. The arbitrary tasks slowly building tension was a great help to the pacing, and the Goose was... Goosalicious. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Desde la portada senti que era de miedo pero me parecio muy entretenida la estetica del juego.  Se siente como si en cualquier momento te saldra una bestia radioactiva.  Le doy un 10/10

It's a bit of a weird game but it's good and looks very nice 

You really captured the raw artistic essence of repetitive unpaid manual labor in a toxic environment. Bravo. Finger snaps. The game was beautiful and relaxing to play too, thank you :)

This game was AWESOME man props to the dev

a little confused but a lot impressed

I loved the environments and the tasks. It left me wanted more and I would have loved to see a story about why exactly this was happening to the planet. Amazing game amazing environments! <3

Hey good game!! i really liked the atmosphere of the game, the story is interesting i could really play for more hours, I really like your games, I hope you keep going and don't be discouraged

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

I enjoyed this. The gameplay was very unique and interesting. Great work! 

The game has an outstanding structure. The gameplay is smooth and it's easy to figure out how to play. The intention of the game is great and I would say that anyone with a thirst for some adventure in a spooky scene would love this!

Great Job. I like your game concept.

I'm not sure of a better way to describe my feelings than "I kind of love this game". You nailed the atmosphere, the core gameplay loop, the world building. I'd absolutely pay for a bigger version of this game. Excellent experience all around.

I love the foggy maps it reminds me of silent hill and is very spooky, I like the tasks I thought they were nice and simple and even relaxing. Your games always seem to have really good map layout and design as well as general aesthetic.


Really enjoyed this, had great atmosphere with no jumpscares and an interesting idea.

Gave it a Let's Play, nothing bad happens. . . . ? 

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, doing those tasks was pretty fun, good work :)

For a Game Jam, this game was great to try. Congratulations.


Great job dev's! I had a feeling that something would jump out, but it didn't happen. game here: 

 Please subscribe to mt YouTube channel.


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It was interesting to do tasks while exploring the zones of the infected earth, the ending was kind of magical. Thank you for making this! 3rd game.

Nice job on the game!  I got a message about its release and decided to check it out.  BTW the goose and I have a love hate relationship :P

Cool game! Loved the goose!