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I liked being a drone!

One more amazing and relaxing even we need self destroy either. We had lost our purpose like AI drone, tho.

This game has a super cool atmosphere and interesting story. Def worth a play if you like atmospheric horror.

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This made me want to learn how to fly a drone irl  😭

Good art style but sad


Interesting game


Reminded me so much of COVID and was a cool concept


This was awesome! I love the B&W/Monochromatic color scheme and brutalist architecture.


fly around for 20 minutes and press F a few times, yippee fun

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Those are the worst and most unfunny insults I've seen in a long time and you don't even know if the original post is meant sarcastically or not lmao.

@FinnFlex Fuck off

I get what you mean but its a lore intensive game that made me want to know what happened in the end. Also, you can't deny how well made it is. 

It's a fun and unique game, I had a great time from start to finish.


Nice atmosphere and a very original way to tell a story


How is the population zero while the guy with his bird is still chilling on the roof? For that matter he survived an acid rain. Maybe he is the mastermind behind it all..


Triple A games? Nah...Triple D games. B{D


Fourth in the set. One the oddest workplace horror I've come across. I had a few lucky guesses. The text world building doing a lot of heavy lifting. Control is smooth, good movement, feel good to zip around, but that slow trudging dread and tension. Good job duder.

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Freaking atmospheric game. I have already played games from this author, such as Lidar.exe and Groundhog Day, so I can say for sure that it was very good. The atmosphere of hopelessness and the end of humanity is very well felt, and even though the reason as such is not revealed to us, the world still feels full and complete. And the end is executed, albeit pessimistically, but at the same time charmingly frightening in its grandeur. In general, I really liked this game, it was atmospheric and extremely frightening. Definitely like the author

Another fantastic and though provoking game! Loved it, crazy to see that it was made in 72 hours!

Your horror game concepts have been so amazing!  Hope to keep seeing more like it, they're some of my all time favorites.

A diamond in the rough, I loved the atmosphere! It would be awesome to see more of this world. 

really interesting game. Thank you!

Absolutely beautiful, I want much, much more of it!

Really interesting and gloomy game for sure. A world where Amazon reign supreme. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Another great game!!  Your games are very unique I think it's very good, I hope you continue creating games with these types of reality very different it's a unique experience, Btw I love looking for where the goose is lol. Keep it up beautiful work congratulation!

Gameplay PT-BR

Gostei do jogo! Ótima atmosfera e história interessante. Porém a jogabilidade não é muito boa, mas tirando isso, Ótimo jogo! 8/10.

Very neat, I enjoyed it. A depressing but interesting experience. 

This was awesome look into our future!

Full Play NO Commentary

Such a unique and enjoyable experience. Keep it up!

Awesome game! Loved the atmosphere and lore revolving around it.

Great stuff the atmosphere and vibes are on point! I would love to see this expanded into a longer game.

I frickin loved this game, such a simple concept but with such taste! 5/5 great job!


The thought of dying to a unknown threat is pretty bad. But the thought that you can't do anything to stop it is even more terrifying. Awesome game, really reminds me of the movie Dong (1998) in the loneliness aspect.

The game's atmosphere and the monochrome style really hit home just how screwed up this world is. The story is fine, but I would have really liked that it was expanded a bit. The gameplay is unforntunitely quite repetitive, but it isn't the focus of the game so I don't mind. I am also assuming that the duck that has to be delivered to the roof next to his/her owner is Wrinkle The Duck. All in all, for a small and short indie game, this game is quite decent and I will definitely recommend it to my friends to try it out.

Thanks for playing! This is not a duck but a goose)

Really Good! I liked it a lot i hope a update or a sequel comes out where we find out a bit more what happened to the world and who gives us the instructions

The game left me on the edge of my seat! Superb game! 

The game is set in a futuristic world where drones have become a ubiquitous part of daily life. The concept is not necessarily new, yet it adds a fresh twist on the genre and based on your previous works, this one shows a lot more depth. The atmosphere is tense and foreboding, with the constant buzz of drones overhead creating a sense of unease. The project truly explores themes such as the dangers of unchecked technology and the consequences of humanity's overreliance on machines.

I would love this game to have a continuation or even longer gameplay, because it showcases what can you do best and even compare to other games, it is an enormous step forward. 

Best of luck with the future developments KenFrost. Big fan and can't wait for more. Cheers! 

Thank you very much for playing my game, I'm glad you like it. Yes, of course, it could be expanded, but at the moment I want to focus on another project of mine.

beautiful game, i love the color scheme of the world and the game's overall atmosphere

10/10. great game only if it last a bit longer, and have a bit more to it. But still a great game nonetheless.

can u make this a full game ples

drone zstuuuuuuuuuuuu


I know this was a game jam game, the fact that you made this in the amount of time you did is impressive as hell. The atmosphere is just *chefs kiss* perfect. I felt a little chill at the very start of the last day, with the color grading and the total absence of drones. That's why I so wish that the end props/pickups didn't feel... slightly out-of-place? A bleak, gloomy sort of minimal realism all the way to the end (of civilization!).

I seriously, seriously love this game's vibe and premise, I just feel like the thing that would have really made it in the end would be if the bodies weren't contained in tubs. I'm imagining you start on the final day to find that many of the rooftops have at least one vague blackened charred human-ish shape atop them (fetal position for pickup?), implying people were trying to escape/flee to the roof for unknown reasons  rather than something/someone disposing of the bodies in a semi-orderly way. There are more bodies than you could ever actually hope to collect, you are the only drone left in a city of dead.

That could also lead to added impact for the final twist, if instead of 3-tasks-done, you had 4-5 (ensuring the player saw a good number of bodylike shapes across the city). Parallel the atmospheric dread with the dread innately evoked in breaking the pre-established gameplay loop as you are faced with the potential of having to repeat this menial task over and over again for an unknown length of time. Then, when the game hits you with the self-destruct — interrupting yet another body pickup task vs. returning home  you would feel a minute sense of release and freedom from responsibility, in line with the message of the final log. Just changing the final props and task number would have absolutely nailed that slow horror impact of extinction. 

Just my utterly unsolicited, uninformed, unprofessional thoughts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  It's such a cool game, it really stood out to me in terms of its atmosphere. That's why I almost wish you would make a V2 expanding on it just a bit, because it's so good. srs tho i have no idea how game jams work or anything i'm just a random guy lmao

But anyway, I wanted to say  absolutely stellar job. This game really evokes despair, the look and design of the city is awesome and feels almost Blade Runner-esque. Thank you for making this & sharing it!

Thank you so much for playing and for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I think there is something to expand here, but I still plan to focus on next games. And yeah, I think Blade Runner influenced my inspiration, although I'm not sure myself. In any case, thank you very much for your feedback.

i somehow agree to this statement

Atmosphere is spot-on. Downloading.

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