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Just relax...

Beautiful game. So relaxing.

It Do Go Down 

Short but relaxing experience!

I like how we've become so jaded by horror that when nothing horrific happens, we're legitimately surprised.

Kept thinking something was going to pop up and disturb the peace and quiet! Was pleasantly surprised! Fantastic!

As made in 3 hours the game art style is very good.Very relaxing 1 minutes experience to unstress your stress.Good game

 i love it :)

NICE =D. Starts at 11:40.

Wonderfully relaxing experience.  




This was actually quite nice amongst the horror games i recorded.

Hey there. I recently did a compilation of several one minute long games. Yours is in my video. I'm not quite sure where it is at, because it's a bit of a long video, but if you scroll through I'm sure you can find it. Or if you just want to watch the whole video there is also that's. I gotta say, it was a nice little game. It was peaceful. I like the sounds. I kind of felt like I was really on a boat ride. So good job, I really liked it.. That said, I hope you enjoy my video, and if you get a chance maybe given the like or comment.. Anything helps. But of course, no stress, you don't need to, it just helps me if you do. So here's my video.

Quite possibly THE most intense experience of my young life.

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I LOVE this art style... What sucks is that my potato PC decided not to record it properly. I mention it in this video but this game was my favorite for this batch. It's the third game.

The video start at 12:11. I actually thought there is a jumpscare at the end... But I realize something, Not every horror game should've end in bad way... Good game. 

PS. And I just realize you're the same developer who make psyco-unstable Journey. So... Good game.

Love from Malaysia.

Short game, nice atmosphere, nice graphics for ps1 style and smooth gameplay too. Amazing game!

Checked it out for my channel and I really like this :)


Personally, for me the game was nostalgic. It reminded me of the foggy, quite places with eerie and peacefull atmosphere and the butterflies towards the end was a nice touch. Very much enjoyed the game. 
Gameplay starts from 7:31.

Nice short boat trip :)