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Great game really enjoyed it played it as the 2nd game to 3 terrifying  games!

El juego fue muy bueno!! :))

To be honest the title and the concept had me a little cynical the begin with, but OMG I poooped my pants, haha! Thanks so much for a great game!

I really like the atmosphere and creepy vibes, love the moth info (something something lamp)
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cool game


I really enjoyed this game. The sound design an aesthetic of the whole game, made for a creepy and enjoyable experience.

Pretty cool game

Skwazovski Végigjátszás

Loved the game, didn't expect a talking moth!

I played this, thought it was cool. I wish the roaming moth was a bit more of a threat though! Loved the sound effects.

Pretty sure the moth on the cover picture/thumbnail is from that picture of MC Ride in a graveyard lol

The game is unsettling and nostalgic at the same time. It's not really scary but it's engaging. I really enjoyed it! Thank you for this wonderful game

You may watch my Filipino-English playthrough here:

For those who enjoyed watching my game, you may like and subscribe to my channel. Really appreciate it! 

Please drop steam now.

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is this game coming out on steam?

Good game i really enjoyed it and the art style

muy buen juego! me gustó mucho en todos los aspectos, si existe una actualización seria para agregar pistas de los objetivos y una pequeña mejora en la animación al usar la red, pero sigue siendo un juego fantástico!

Mi gameplay en Español!

I have crippling lepidopterophobia, and my friends told me about this game and I was sure I would never play it...

Here's my YouTube video:


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i mean. lil kiddo or lil retarded.

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I've been meaning to finally play this (Work holiday season consumes my soul and my time) and was talking to my friend about it. She was really excited to play it as well, but due to difficulties with her hands, she has to use a controller instead of key and mouse. Would you be willing to upload a controller version of this (and your other games!)?

i meant to post this game, but i forgot to record the right monitor, but overall it was an interesting concept and i enjoyed it. here's the vid it was meant to be on:

Made a video on Moth House 

VERY fun game! Keep it up man! Love it! 

I want more of the lore! Cool game!!


Nice educational horror game, best to watch in the dark wearing headphones and lying in bed ;) 


Sooooo upset I can't collect every moth and release them all to royally screw up local wildlife qwq but very fun and enjoyable game! love the moths a lot


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Мои мысли, пока я готовил то самое хрючево:

Gameplay BR

I was legit just vibing the whole time, I got kinda jumpscared only once cause I was not paying attention to my surroundings at all and was instead mesmerized by the moths I was catching. I love moths, so this was honestly just a great time (tho I got the moth hell ending cause I had no clue which soups to make). Either way, 10/10 loved the moths

A game about catching moths shouldn't be scary but it is.

great game!! loved every moment of it

Me starting this game: I love moths! Rosy maple moths, luna moths, tiger moths... Let's catch some moths! *singing to myself as I catch moths* La la la, gotta catch 'em all!


Interesting dude. So well like others yours

I thought I wasn't going to get creeped out by this game because I love moths, but I was wrong.


so awesome i love moths

will never look at moths the same again!

Looking forward to fighting Mothra in the sequel 

look my new videooo

is my time did feel exploration been dark zone

Fun experience !

10/10 fun short game.

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