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Good game!!I made a youtube video out of it and it was extremely entertaining

Good game, i didnt like how long it took to pick up trash tho but i did like the game

I'll be honest
the game is ok .....nicely made , good idea , an interesting concept , the truck fight ....absolutely hilarious ....., in rest ...the end was kind of bland ...the part where you had to fill the specific trashcans .....honestly not the most fun part , sadly I must say that the end game was boring
expirience as a whole .....6/10

This was amazing! I finished it desperately wishing for more! I loved the truck and how well the PS1 style complemented the theme and idea of the game.

Lovely game! in fact, al your games are nice! they are all unique in a way with good atmosphere!

Can't wait to see more good stuff in the future!

This game is really well made ~ i wanna see more of it..

I'm glad I got to play this game this year and hope you all have a great Merry Christmas


Such a sick concept of a horror game! Keep the games coming guys! Here's my playthrough if anyone's interested:

the controls is hard on laptop

Tres original !

Great game honestly. It has amazing atmosphere along with the unexpected boss fight and the idea of picking up trash to progress the game is very cool. Keep up the great work!!

I wasn't too sure at first when I downloaded the game but I'm so glad I kept playing! This game was a wild ride and I loved every moment of it! Thank you and keep up the amazing work!

Looks amazing! I'll have to play it! Id love if you guys see my game page ❤


That had to have been the most unexpected boss fight I experienced in a while😂😂

AGREED! That threw me for a loop for sure!

This is a very original concept. It kept me guessing the whole way through. Also, it COMPLETELY caught me off-guard. Great job!
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I really enjoyed the aesthetic of the game, and the boss battle! I was not expecting that. Thank you for the experience, I especially enjoyed honking the goose. 

I nearly rage quit over that fight but all in all think it’s an impressive game and concept for 72 hours and you nailed the atmosphere. Loved the little goose cameo. 

sooooooo fun I played it for like two hours, why is it so addicting... Please keep working on this game, I'd love to see a full, proper game with plot


porra irmao tu ta de sacanagem ne


Hyo awesome game!!! I really liked the game and the story, it would be a good idea to create a complete game about it, about the anomaly, how it happened, how it started. Anyway great game.

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

first game i played in the video. very well made i just wish there was more

For a game about trash I found the design you created really awe inspiring man!

Very cute and quirky little game by a dev who brings awesome cool new ways of story telling to the table!


Start at (10:36-21:20) I really did not have a problem doing my job and helping the community. This weirdo came through during my work hours and would not leave me alone unless I left. I decided to go since he did not. Best decision of my life. Who knew there was so much trash. Anyways GG fun game

Thank for this game ! 

Fun game the boss fight was unexpected but fun. Also, I found out while messing around that if you get in a basket and pick it up you'll start flying.

I like the message you want to convey in this game, good job

Loved the unique premise and the fact that the story left so many questions unanswered. Crazy that you made this in 72 hours, too, well done!

Great game and fun to play through.

Never have I though that I would be fighting a truck! Cool little experience, not as "horrory" as I thought it would be but it had a eerie feeling to it. Nice job

I honestly loved the environment, the story, and the world felt so rich, and lived in. Would like to see more of this universe. Definitely recommend! 

This consept deserves a longer sequel. Great game for 72 hours tho.

the letter is awesome and gratefully formation creation

Don't Litter!!!!

Such a creative game!

This game is weird, But I also really enjoyed it

its the first gam

I had a great time with this game!!! The area felt so ominous and creepy which made the game so cool!!! Also I definitely had a lot of fun flying on top of the boxes while engaging in combat! If you know what that means ;) BUT ANYWAYS  If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! Enjoy my agony!

Really interesting idea! Great job dude! 

Didn't expect there's a boss fight tho!
REally well made for a three days game, 
kinda tedious on the last collecting mission, but still cool<
10/10 would recomend
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I love the concept, however I think it can be further explored (aware this was 72 hour deadline challenge, I get it <3) as I really love this world and wish to explore the dangers and horrors of it in the future (if you plan on making this more in depth!) <3 Really good job!

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