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pretty poggers game.. keep it up

I always watch gamers play these type of games and I see why, the style of them and stories are so good I could keep playing for hours. I actually touched the duck twice to see if the worker would do something lol. Your game starts at 9:11 great game.

This was a really cool game! I really like the twilight zone style, it felt like I was teleported to a whole new universe or something. The driving aspect was also really fun! The goose was a bit random though XD All and all, I really enjoyed this game! Keep up the great work my dude!!!

   - CrazyCheesePuf

Pretty good game overall!

game has too much downtime between the sections, but the visuals are really nice nontheless

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Comments below the clip;

A horror game with a different ending, that sets it apart right away. With the rain relentlessly rattling on the windscreen, the wipers trying hard to provide a view, and with lighting slashing through the sky, we're in a the right setting for disaster..., or are we...?

I <3 surprises and you threw quite a few at me. I respect that. Keep up the good work and surprise me some more :o]

Given the fact this game was developed within 72 hours, a great job!

Unique from the others I've played here. Liked it. Not really "scary" or much lore, but it was fine. Here's my playthrough here: 

I enjoyed this nice and simple game, I like that it left a lot of questions to be asked. I feel like it could have used some scary looking character at the side of the road when you  drove occasionally.

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@ Edgemuffin,

"I like that it left a lot of questions to be asked."

That is very true, but I'd prefer to have the answers :o]

Cool game, although it wasn't all that scary... Congrats.

I wasn't expecting the goose! This was really well done, but I did run into a problem in the beginning with driving the car. I got stuck and had to restart, but other than that, it was really fun! 

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@ sWift3edge,

"I wasn't expecting the goose!"

Same here.

Creepy horror, liked the atmosphere!

Pretty cool game. Could use more spooky, but pretty good.

good short little horror game

cant wait for your future games !! check out my playthrough and maybe subscribe, it'd mean the world, Have a good day!

That Game Was Awesome keep it up...

I have no idea what was going on but it was fun!

I don't think English is your first language...  

This was a lot of fun! I love the simple bizarre things you added to the story to make it all unsettling. 

This was hilarious and spooky. I'd play a longer version.

This was confusing, surreal, and silly, but overall a great experience! The style of the game is really fitting, and the story was mind bending. I really enjoyed my time playing this! Great work!

[Gameplay en español]

mysterious and terrifying. The story is a bit complex to understand but the adventure has been fun! Good job :D

Its like a driving simulator game with a horror twist. I found a goose and its very friendly. Absolute good game.

very good journey. need a sequel where the goose returns! 

i am play gme but i knoew uwnderstand that english be good no>

Love the PS1 aesthetic this game is super rich in effects nice job!

Awesome game! Good work! ✌✌✌✌

Very good!!! Im pretty interested in the story tbh, keep up the good work. 

I honestly have no idea what's going on in this story, I think others share this same sentiment lol. I guess it's because our character is "psycho-unstable" that nothing makes sense. It's really cool though. I'm always into a horror game where there's driving involved. I just wish there was more to do while driving, like turns or something. Still a great short horror experience. Thanks for making it!

It was creepy but I really didn't understand too much of what was happening in the game.

Definitely has potential though thank you for putting it out :D.

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damn. so scary

Very creepy game. I liked the driving mechanic in the game. Something I haven't seen done often in horror games. Keep up the good work! 

Awesome work. Unsettling and bizarre. We loved it.

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, the concept was really interesting, good work :)

Love these psx games.

Very cool and unique little game!! I am not exactly sure what the story was supposed to be?.. But it was fun! The verbiage also could use some work, some of the english wasn't correctly worded. However I didn't run into any bugs and everything ran smoothly for me! Overall, I thought the game was very well done! Good job dev!!

Aamzing game with Great atmosphere but it has bug the screen turns into statistics screen after the accident 

Short and sweet. Enjoyed the playthrough and the story. Good Job Dev. 

Good Game!

Hi, you have a weird crash, i don't know why, but i will try to fix it.

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It was short..nice... interesting!

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