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This was a fun. I definitely felt emersed and could see this turning into a bigger game. Kinda wish the ending had a little more jumpscare to it just to end on a good surprise.

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That fish picture is more funny than scary

A super fun short horror game, very creepy, much like beloved horror game IRON LUNG



They shouldn't had to use the logitech controller...

The game was great. I'm terrible at everything I have to do, so it made for a hilarious and terrifying experience.

Gameplay PT


Iron lung remake:

Really enjoyed this game and the overall atmosphere of it. Skip to 7:06 for the game play.

Коротенькая игра на 20 минут. Понравилась атмосфера таинственности и страха в глубинах, а так же управление субмариной, прям ощущаешь себя беспомощным и неуклюжим. Атмосферой напомнило SOMA и Subnautica.

I hate the ocean. The game in general was terrifying… BUT the whale part was UNGODLY! I was genuinely terrified the whole time. Great game!

Very good game !

very wonderful game


Wonderfull little athomspheric game!

Well its good game, but missing a lot.

Hey, its Iron Lung


that's unfair. you have +4 upvotes and I have -4 downvotes. i deserve love

Even the ending is identical. Sad to see that. Was really hoping this game would build upon the idea, not just copy it.

Me gustó.

Saquén más actualizaciones y optimizenlo.

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Make all your games a mobile version


this is not required at all. and quite unreasonable to ask for a game jam game, would you expect all steam games to have a mobile port?


ha -4 downvotes. i am a hate machine lol. that's why i don't read notifications here, yt or tiktok, because of the hate that i receive. 

i don't know if you downvoted me, but if you did it, go removing that downvote and put an upvote. i deserve love, don't you think so darling?

Rusty Barrel: Nos pondremos en la piel de un hombre que recoge minerales con un pequeño submarino en el lecho oceánico a más de 4000 metros de profundidad, pero esta vez será algo distinto a lo habitual, ya que algo le estará esperando, juego peculiar indie con un pequeño toque de terror, gracias por crear el juego, saludos a todos!!!




one of my favorites so far

В ру-сегменте толком нет интересных видиков по этой игруле, кроме БилоВЛГВЛА и dwgames. Правда, их видео мне не зашли. Попробовал сделать свой вариантик с лютым монтажиком, и как по мне, вышло зачетно. А с новым годом, кстати.

Hola, muy buen juego, lo jugué con mi hermano, nos gustó el ambiente y la atmosfera, faltaron sustos en el juego, pero el juego está muy bien.

YouTuber: PatrickGame

Such a gorgeous n simple game! I love it.

I really loved this- ESPECIALLY the whales, and jellyfish- they are so pretty ! 

Need a video idea?

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LOVE THE GAME! Someone come get Captain Ducky Duck, cuz I'm bouta start boxing him up. (Please don't tell him I said that, I don't want him to beat my A-)


This was fantastic!

worst thumbnail ever


terrible game. I have a throbbing headache from all the maintenance needed to do god damn anything. this game sucks bad. there is no monsters. i want a turkey club sandwich. 




Like you can do better.


Pretty good game. I think a bit more sounds could've helped make you fell actually vulnerable and stuck deep in the water, but still gave me some good spooks either way. 



solid take on iron lung, good stuff

Full PLay NO Commentary


I really enjoyed this game and the whole atmosphere. Great work!


Loved the atmosphere. The art style gave me fallout 3 vibes. 


Good job! I enjoyed the creepy vibe of being in a cave and stuck underwater.

This game is good, I recommend for everyone


the game was hot booty cheeks was not even scary my little brother can play n not get scared


This game was awesome! I played toiletrooms and was surprised to see the goose make its comeback :D


I had a blast! I like the Duckie Co-Pilot!


Fantastic work with the sea creatures such as the whales 🐳


Great work, love it! Greetings from Argentina!
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