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Thanks for the opportunity to play this game! Really enjoyed the atmosphere. Still don't understand the bird though...

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I actually love this game. It's amazing and it was really fun to play with!

Very Strange and surreal game, has a lot of mystery in it. Nice little Driving game.. hehe.. the only problem that I had was the subtitles but all in all a great experience. 

A very interesting game concept and full of quite a few spooks.

Great game for what it is

This was a really nice game, it wasn't trying too hard and the protagonist seemed like an alright person.


Short & Sweet. Really enjoyed the style, & the goose. This is the second game I played in this video. 


That will be all, have a nice day.

My geese were thoroughly bumped. What drugs was this man doing?

It was definitely an interesting experience.

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We had so much fun playing this one! great work! 

Made a video

I am so confused rn...

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Is this Sevenbeyond (Setealém in Brazil)? Your game video is:


The guy in the woods has a mind of his on. Game starts @15:42

Thanks so much for this experience. Overall I enjoyed this game. The wonky car mechanics were fun to mess around with, and the dialogue on the long stretches of road helped to keep me engaged in the story even when there was nothing happening. My biggest question is just how all the elements of the story tie together. There was a bunch to digest in this short story, from gas station goose to visions of manta ray apocalypse, and I'm curious to know how these elements all tie together. My guess is that, as the title suggests, the main character isn't the most psychologically stable, but there could also be other explanations that I'd be interested to know! Keep up the good work and thanks again!

I enjoyed the game! Played it for the first part of my Halloween challenge. Click here to visit my Channel.

I wanna know what the goose was for lol great game, super creepy and great atmosphere. Especially the creepy forest.. great work!

It was a cool experience, thanks! 

An interesting short experience, I want to know what was up with the meat trees. All in all cool experience worth playing! 

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An Interesting game i just wished it had more to it but it was great as it is. Loved it :)

This was a fun little journey, thanks!

Full Game No Commentary 

This was a wild experience of a game, that I really enjoyed! I love the aspect of less is more, and how abstract in ways this game is. Great work! Keep it up! I look forward to more games by you in the future!

Great game!!!! This was so weird, but so awesome!!!!
I just wish it had more, it ended so fast!!!

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

I had a blast with the game. The only thing I would like to see added would be reverse controls in the car because it is possible to get stuck in various places without being able to get out. I'm probably a bad driver.

HE WANTS TO SHARE HIS MEAT LOL! Thanks For The Experience Ken!

good game! different and exciting!

The stingrays in the sky I was not expecting, I must say.

BUT ALSO, what did the goose have to do with it 🤣 We will never know. I was in LOVE WITH MY CAR!! SO CUTE!!

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked the car. 

I had Fun with this Game!

tis game was really good there were a couple parts were the text speech could of been better but other then that great game 

Good game

wow what a crazy experience i liked

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

Nice Short Game!

Those that can speak portuguese:

"Eu fiz um gameplay, olha lá :D"

This game was super good, a little crazy with the manta rays in the sky, and I loved it, good work!! 

I wish there was more scares :( (game at 18:47)

Well done. I quite enjoyed it, and I like the weird glitches. It also seemed very random, and I always enjoy random. Great job and I'd be interested in seeing what else you've done.

This was an interesting short horror experience. I like how the journey got more and more strange as you progress through the game. I'm not really sure if the protagonist was going insane or entering some kind of parallel dimension, but overall this was a fun little game.

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