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You went to the forest for a tree. You have a sled on which you transport the tree. A kettle with hot tea (so hot that it doesn't cool down to the end). Lantern and ax. Having cut down a tree, night has come, you return home through a dark forest.

The game was made in two weeks.


WASD - Move

Shift - Run

Mouse scroll - change items

E or left mouse button - Interact

Hold Esc to back to menu

Music: Gathering Darkness by Kevin Macleod




3D models used and remixed:

Kerosene Lamp by wittyaresh

Old Metal Cup by al0sral0

Angler fish by Nyilonelycompany

Wooden house by Helindu

Samovar by hellotaia

Teapot by Grigorii Inchenko

Christmas toys by Deployer 

Updated 12 days ago
Published 20 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Made withUnity, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Christmas, Creepy, Horror, ps1, PSX, winter
Average sessionA few minutes


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Sprucerio 146 MB
Sprucerio.app 159 MB


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Any advice about getting this to work on Mac Monterey?

hi, big thx for the nice game. greetings from rosti 🙏

Woah, it was a really nice experience for sure!

This was really cool! A pretty unique mix of concepts that comes together really well.

Very interesting game! Feels like adventure and survival horror game. Smooth gameplay too and good graphics. Great game!

I loved the story and it has a creepy vibe to it! I love it 10/10

o jogo foi bem divertido, e bem aterrorizante, eu gostei muito

 good game
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I went through a bit of a journey with this one. Initially I made it up to the point where you get caught in a blizzard and I somehow managed to miss the cave and couldn’t find it again, so I stopped. Then for some reason I came back to it this morning and played it through to the end.

This game gripped me in a way I wasn’t expecting. I really liked the subtle touches that lent the game an effective atmosphere, like the little sounds that everything makes and the way that the ice creeps slowly away from your vision when you drink tea so that you’re not quite sure if you’ll need another cup or to hold on to the reserve you have.

I really liked how having to drink tea at set points throughout the game gets you attached to your sled. It keeps the player invested in the well-being of what would otherwise just be a physics object for flavor. I feel like you could have done a lot more with that by creating a sense of concern for making sure the sled is still with you at all times. As it stands, I did find myself periodically looking back to make sure it was still there (even though it’s literally tethered to the player character) but nothing really posed a threat to the sled itself. When the giant worm initially attacked me it landed on my sled, which initially frightened me, but because nothing really interacts with the sled except me it didn’t create an actual threat to my progress.

I don’t have any further notes on the gameplay itself. As walking simulators go, this one interests me because it’s not exactly subtle but it still creates an effective atmosphere by making the player feel like they’re in a hostile environment. I really appreciated how instead of throwing up a “Game Over” screen at the end the payoff is that I get to relax and drink more tea in my house, because it made the trek feel totally worth it, and that sounds silly because it’s such a simple touch but it actually creates a sense that the whole journey had an actual point rather than just being some dumb guy in the woods at night for no reason.

Overall verdict: Surprisingly good, could have benefited from more of a sense of threat.

EDIT: Having gone back and played this game through again, I now know that I somehow managed to miss the chase sequence towards the end with the giant worm, so my complaint that the game didn’t have enough of a sense of threat is hereby retracted. Either I triggered a bug or I somehow managed to sprint my way through the tunnel so fast that I didn’t even notice something was chasing me. That’s a much better climax than I initially experienced when I played for the first time.

Hello, thank you very much for your feedback. I haven't updated the game and it's not a bug. Most likely, when you first walked through the tunnel, you stopped or looked around. If you just run, then you really can feel that no one is chasing you, because the worm does not have time to catch up with you. I think to fix and make the worm faster. Thanks again for you feedback.

Great!! I like this game.

After 'hiding' in the bushes I was unable to get out. The sled had me jammed in.

Made a video

Great Game 👍🤙

This game was absolutely delightful, and turned out to be way more than I'd ever expected it might. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Fantastic game! Would love to play an even longer version. 

This game was honestly really fun to play the atmosphere was great I cant explain why but it felt really cozy

Gave it a Let's Play, a good short indie horror :) 

Great atmosphere and cool monsters. Worth a try.

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Do you have a business email I can contact?

I added to profile.

does the game comes with a 32 bits version?

Hello, yes it comes on 32bit version.

i checked it,very cool game,wasnt able to finish since i had to leave to do personal things

Nice game!

great jobs creepy .