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Great game! One of my favorite out of the Holiday 32 bit Jam!!
Not too long, not too short. Def recommend it if you want a quick scare <3

Very creative game, awesome! 

I loved the atmosphere! The caves were kind of cozy lol the presence of the sled was comforting. 

I think this one might be my favorite game of yours! 
Was such a good mix of cozy and creepy, perfect.

It played great and was stylistically beautiful. 
As always, another great game! Thank you :)

I give this game a COOL and a GOOD JOB rating

Good and atmospheric game. It was interesting to play, and there were moments when it was scary. There is a video in russian:

Loved the dark atmosphere of this game! Great work!

I love this game

The Fish is so random, but I love the look of this game :) 

thank for this game !

Giant Fish, Auto Tuned Fart Worms, what's not to love? This game was a blast to play through and the addition is sipping tea made it even better.

Played this in my christmas horror game video, it's the second game.


We had great fun with this and the atmosphere was SUPERB :D

This game is phenomenal i love it me and my friend beat it together i recommend this game if you are into horror games my favorite part was the part where the worm chases you in the tunnel

I found myself saying HUH ?? alot here, i really have no idea what happened. BUT, the gameplay was good and i did like the style ! 

 I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

I love games that have a system where you can keep yourself warm in a cold place, like Cryostasis! It's super comfy at the end too! Great job!


very fun and eerie game but at the same time also kind of relaxing. I was super confused on what was going on throughout the game, but I still had a good time playing. I thought that it was very interesting that you had to drink the tea to stop yourself from freezing to death.

I included this game as the first of three scary games! Really interesting game, feels like there's an interesting world here that could be explored. Gameplay-wise I thought it was a little slow with all the walking but fun and interesting otherwise!

your game is awesome

very nice game. as a film

This was creepy in a calming way almost- like reading a creepypasta late at night. Kick back and relax this is a cabin in the woods nightmare!

To those who read this review (I apologize in advance for the text, it was written in Google translate)

I didn't really like this game.

Here is a very strange plot - to cut down a spruce. Only not any, but special. How it differs, I can not understand. And besides, the main character near the house already has a bunch of Christmas trees growing. Couldn't he have walked around the house and found a Christmas tree there? I'm already silent about the journey in the pisces ...

Okay, let's skip the story. Now let's talk about opponents. And that's... a flying anglerfish? Not only does she just soar through the air for reasons she knows well, but such an adversary will not be able to scare anyone.

Here's what I think of this game.

This was really creepy and I love the atmosphere. Great work! 

i love the look of the game. there were some confusing moments where i couldn't see enough to be sure what to do (especially when the blizzard hit - though it seemed to blow mostly on my left side and not straight onto me - and when i was near the cave, it took a while to actually see it), but aside from that i really liked it.

Interesting game.  I love the idea of drinking tea to keep warm and going into the wilderness to get ourselves a tree.  Look forward to seeing more games from you :)

Hola ! adore muchisimo tu aventura terrorifica navideña helada : ) me encantaron las criaturas muy tetricassss ! sigue asi y espero que sigas haciendo mas juegos como este !!! saludos , te dejo aqui mi gameplay espero que te guste muchisimo : ) 

Adventurous game right here as you go through dangers of nature and evil that is possibly caused by angering the forest due to taking one of their kind. Enjoyable experience. Thank you for making this! 3rd game.

this game was very good and interesting and the giant worm looked cool 

I just wanna sip my tea and chop my tree! Had a fun time playing this, sorry for the late post :)

Reminded me of no one lives under the lighthouse. Which I was also fond of (it's original prototype). 

Great game, loved it! Its got nice tension and the first time the worm came out it actually scared me, can't wait to play more of your games

Awesome game! The atmosphere and style of the game are especially catchy. Thank you


Loved the game dudes! Was Actually fairly damn spooky!

Cool game here's a speedrun

I love this game! It is the perfect combination of atmosphere and great game design!

Very nice. Well made and gave me several surprises in how things proceeded. I like how you weren't afraid to be weird.

Super Cool Game ngl! 

Played the game on my channel! Really love the aesthetic and the world the game was set in. Can't wait to see what else you do!

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