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You wake up in the dark, checking your pocket you find a lighter.  You are in a very strange place. You see many corridors that are filled with toilet cubicles, urinals and sinks. You begin to explore the area in the hope of finding a way out.

Toiletrooms are an endless gloomy maze of toilets. It is inhabited by strange creatures. It probably looks like a backrooms, but instead of being empty, it has toilet cubicles, sinks, urinals, and lots of pipes.

The game was made in two weeks. Inspired by the universe backrooms and samosbor.


WASD - Move

Shift - Run

Ctrl - crouch

Mouse scroll - get/put away the lighter

E or left mouse button - Interact

Esc - pause menu


Twitter: @AndreyBugrin

Sounds: freesound.org

3D models used and remixed:

- Toilet by Kevin Johnson 

- Lighter by Kingy

- Human by BitHack

- Matras by al0sral0

- Cubicle by Yaiyeondurising

- Urinal by Yaiyeondurising


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ToiletroomsMac 215 MB


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I haven't finished this one yet, but my god the Toilethead freaks me out dude.

Plenty of toilets!

I Didn't realize how actually horrifying the atmosphere would be, nor how funny it would get when I downloaded it. It's the second game in this video. (I didn't realize the game goes on after where I died either, so I might have to revisit this sometime.)


is this game meant to represent that The Backroom games are generally quite shit?


Really really loved this game! It grasped the feel of The Backrooms while staying unique with all the toilet humour (get it)

I've never been so scared to take a shower!


Super surreal. I can't help but to love it, tbh.

Also, I can't tell if it's satirical or not. Which only really makes the game better

I almost dropped this game because of that chase sequence but it was a great experience overall :) 3rd game btw

Wow! This game was amazing! Really entertaining, nice story and creepy atmosphere! We loved Toilet Head! We would like to see more of this creature! Keep it up! 

I've literally never been more scared in my life, I actually had to consult my therapist and my doctor for support during this experience, a must play for those veteran gamers out there 15/10 (gameplay starts at 6:18)

This game was a masterpiece, it could easily be fleshed out into an incredibly full length game. My gameplay of it starts around the end of this video:

I'm sure I've had nightmares about been stuck in toilet rooms before, Very nice game I enjoyed the goose and talking toilet.

A nice backroom game with an interesting story !


You're game helped me get to where I am today. Thank You!



Loved the game, wins silly game award 2022

I'm not gonna lie, i've skipped a lot of videos featuring this game because I thought it would be straight shitting humor. But I gave it a try and I gotta say, I loved it. You did an amazing job with atmosphere and environment design. Great job. 

All of the toilets work, except for one. Aside from that, the game is pretty much alice in wonderland but replace everything with bathroom devices. Looks like a parody but still makes you feel uncomfortable. Loved it!

Traversing through this game the first time was frightening but after a while it strangely became charming. I quite enjoyed the visuals and the fun twist.

so scary
Gameplay em Pt-B


Nice game

THE TOILET ROOMS, i thought toilets were scary ... but they only got WORSE. I loved the game! Nice experience, loved the design and ambiance to it. Nice twist on the backrooms, what level is this?? Hope you don't mind that I streamed and made a vid about this! Keep up the good work!

damn... now i feel scare to poop again


nice game  B)

there were many toilets


What can I say about this game that hasn't been said already?

What a silly concept - a toilet horror maze, filled with unsettling sounds and weird characters. But it's awesome! Excellent visuals - really gave it a grimy, nasty feeling, whilst staying cool. Terrifying ambience, simple but effective gameplay, and a great level of dreamy creativity! Absolutely awesome! Major congrats to the creator for pulling off such a masterful experience with such a strange concept!


This game is cool, love the texture and few jumpscare

Very cool game - 10/10!

This was freakin amazing and so hilarious. I loved it. Here's a link to the video I did.


An absolute madness this game was. I fucking loved it! Awesome job :)

i playd that for a bit and i culdent finde aney monster i had fun tho but the monster was not ther for me but is still good
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The best part is that you could actually submit this as a real backrooms level on their wiki and it would probably be accepted as cannon.

A fun little game, I enjoyed it.


It really makes you feel like you're in the Toiletrooms, definitely delivers what it promises.

it was a pretty weird but really good game I really like how the game looks 

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Very well made! weird but creepy! enjoyed playing it! (timestamps are in the description) Please Like and Subscribe!

what….omg….I….I loved it 

3rd game 

Three Weird Games #2

Really inventive!

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