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I wish I could have a pet goose, Love the game keep up the great work!

Me Ha Encantado!!

waiting for an android version

fun and crazy ;)

999/10 best backrooms game i have ever played!!!

Constipation Simulator

6th Game: 01:01:04

It's the backrooms except with a twist. Instead of being trapped in corridors, your trapped in corridors WITH TOILETS! Now that's pretty scary right...? Ri-- right...

I had so much fun playing! very scary and spooky toilets! 😱

Hey friends! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the game! Wish it was longer than it was! Really good experience 

I love this game and I would like to volunteer to translate them into Turkish so that my Turkish friends can play them. How can I contact you?

loved this game, it has a different vibe which is quite interesting, especially when it's about backrooms

i played this game over a year ago now, and out of all the indie horrors i have played since then (which have been dozens and dozens), this one stands out as one of the most unique, scary and memorable. amazing job you guys!!

Just discovered you can interact with objects in main menu

Such a great short horror game!


looool i love this game

so bad

I love scary games and toilets, what else can we say!


starts: 0:27

El juego esta muy bueno, me asuste en algunas partes, es muy divertido y el ambiente ayuda a dar miedo a la hora de jugar

nice game!!

This game creeped me out, the atmosphere feels uneasy. Its very good at making you feel anxious. 

I recommend this game if you want goose bumps.

What a nice horror game! I enjoyed everything about it. 

Another great game by some of the best indy developers around!

Loved this silly game, streamed it and made a little vodish video :)

A really interesting take on the back rooms. 

Toilethead comes for me !!!!

the youtuber shrouded hand brought me here so i decided to play and record this game


Really nice and original horror game. It got me sometimes, great job. :>

WHY DOES THIS MAN HAVE A TOILET FOR A HEAD | Toiletrooms (Backrooms inspired horror game)

Loved this take on the Backrooms game the chase sequence terrified me keep up the great work

Gameplay en español

Love the spin off you made it's really fun to play and challenging. Great game DEV :). And check out my gameplay here.

Excellent game, I am an absolute sucker for the graphics in your games, so appealing!.
Also, a very nice surprise encounter with an old friend in the depths of these toiletrooms.(starts@0:30)

I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

so good. so very good. plus goose!

its a nice BACKROOMS like game keep up the good work

The lighter is really nicely drawn. Reminds me of Duke nukem 3D from 96. That can't be a bad thing 🤣

it wasnt that scary but it was still a good game

Hi there, thank you for liking my post on twitter :) This game was far better than I expected and honestly the ending was phenomenal. One note is that during the shower-head scene I believe the second line of dialog was cut off by the third but it didn't ruin or break immersion. Amazing game and can't wait to play more by you :))

I enjoyed this game so much! It was scary and absolutely crazy. I loved the characters and the art style really pulled the game together. This is one of my favorites for sure.

I want to make it clear that my frustration was completely caused by my own stupidity lol. Good game.

This game was really fun! (The inclusion of the goose was the best part)

Endless public toilets just what I "needed".

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