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A psx style game where you harvest with a harvester. However, you do not live in an ordinary world, you live in a very gloomy and old giant city. Where all the inhabitants of this city are stuck in a time loop. Every day the direction of time changes. It can go both forward and in the opposite direction. 

The game was made in 72 hours for ludum dare 52 on the theme "Harvest".

Dev note: I really wanted to make a game where time goes back, but unfortunately, due to the 72 hour time limit, I did not have time to finalize the game to the desired quality. Next time I will try to plan clearly to bring the game to the end.

Published 25 days ago
Release date 27 days ago
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Dark, Horror, Ludum Dare 52, ps1, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Retro, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


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The art direction and atmosphere is phenomenal. Love the dadcore/chore gameplay, really makes me want more games of that type but more eerie and off-putting. I actually found the harvesting gameplay itself to be super calming and enjoyable, the attention to detail with the reversed thunder and rain sounds was also a super nice touch.      

cool idea for a game! great job!

Such a cool game:) 

Amazing concept. Amazing game. 

You know... why not?

I love the simulation aspect of this. I could have played that forever if there was more upgrades and things to acquire. Amazing game. The atmosphere was incredible. Keep up the great work! 

una idea interesante, quiz谩s algo tedioso. pero en concepto me gust贸 bastante. 

Not bad, will have to def finish it (maybe on twitch) first game in video.

Since there are two of me in the field, I should have gotten twice the wheat coin.

Very interesting game! I liked the weird time loopiness and harvesting against myself! Very unique idea! 
Would be interesting to see more built on an idea like this!

Very well done KenForest!




It was great... :) HAHAHAHAHA 


I haven't played the game but it looks quite interesting 馃榿

An interesting concept with an amazing visual style. Overall a pleasant experience.

This was freakin fun! I loved it haha, I kinda wish there were more coin quests

The whole reverse thing was sooo cool! The lore was very interesting and the gameplay was satisfying! I was on edge the whole time due to how gritty and dark the atmosphere was. I really want to see what happens after the end! 

In reverse? Opposite day? Hmmm... K F = Ken Forest? F K = Forest K-ays-en? It's just like I told you Zach. It never fails. I solved this case now too. 

I loved the time loop mechanic of this game. I really would love to see what happens after the ending. Overall, this was a fun game with a very cool mechanic. Good job!

Fantastic concept, not so much on the "horror" side but still quite "existentially dreadful", loved the reverse time mechanic! This can easily be further developed to a bigger game!


Very unique and interesting worldbuilding. I'm still confused though馃槄

the atmosphere really reminds me of Pathologic

Really neat premise, reminded me of the timefall from Death Stranding. Never seen this type of gameplay before though, original stuff and well executed. I never miss a release by you. 

I really liked the upgrade system, simple but it made it fun to look forward to the next upgrades you can afford! Another solid game

As much as it would be a good idea to return time to normal, I think we may be in a worse situation if we did. We seem to be in a scenario where we are in a land of essentially infinite wheat. Just wait for the previous you to un-work the fields and then do it all over again.

There will be enough wheat for everyone, we will be able to feed the entire planet. And not just wheat. All kinds of fruits and vegetables too.

This place is a utopia. 


I really liked this! It got a little repetitive, but overall it was a really enjoyable experience! 


Amazing game for something done in 72 hours!



Interesting game, wheat is all that matters



Another weird one, just like "Please Don't Litter," except this game plucks some very nice simulation strings. If there's anything I love more than horror games, it's watching numbers go up, so buying upgrades and harvesting more wheat is something I could legitimately do forever.

I'm not particularly sure if I would call this a "horror" game because there isn't really anything inherently evil or scary unless you're frightened by the idea of time being affected. I'd say this is more of a mystery game instead.

It's still a great little game, though!

Thanks for making games!


After playing this game I come to realize what a terrible farmer would I be.


Keep up the work dude.


Didn't know what to expect going in, but this game was surprisingly really fun and relaxing! Really liked the upgrade system

My beautiful Kenforest. You always baffle me with your ideas. The fact that this took you only 72h is amazing, and I can't wait to see a bigger project from you. Keep up the great work!

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Its Insanely impressive that this game out of a game jam, I think the idea and story for the game are both very interesting concepts and seeing your reverse copy for the first time was a great surprise. However it definitely felt rushed and very quickly got repetitive, the upgrades are not really needed and so you immediately run into just doing the same thing over and over with little to no change, your past self isn't really a threat as there is no penalty to hitting them.

The concept is brilliant and has a lot of potential, and I do hope you explore that potential and keep working on this post jam because I really like the idea of farming in backwards time.


Nice playthrough as always.  Hard to imagine this game was made in just 72 hours. 



honestly you deserve a ton of credit considering this was only in 72 hours and the fact that you think of all these cool concepts so quickly is amazing, i would love to see one of your games that isnt a game jam game and it just a full project because thats what i felt this lacked it was so good and such a cool concept but the story was rushed and the ugrading system wasnt really needed i only upgraded qaulity of wheat twice and finished the game in twice harvests, what im saying is if you made a full project it that you put tons of time into it would be one of the best games on itch i recon, regardless i loved this 

gameplay above hope you guys enjoy 


Cool game. Seeing myself anti-farming was trippy xD


This was a good game i liked how both versions of me where playing at sametime was kinda cool how time was farward but backwards for other me keep up the good work hope you enjoy the video


Bizarre and intriguing! I honestly felt like the time reversing was a positive thing...

This was better than I expected it to be. Great vibe and premise.

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