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You ran out of time to add the time travel mechanic? Man, too bad time can't go back... wait

How good this game is... After recording the video, I went through the game several more times. It's such a relaxation, it's just beyond words

A great farm game about a time loop

gameplay pt-br

This was a super fun game! I enjoyed it so much. It was so relaxing just harvesting all the wheat and listening to the sounds, it was really nice and chill and fun!

The paradox put interesting twists on things and it was really cool to see the world building and environment through that (Also technically since there were two versions of the camps, it wasn't *technically* a paradox, though this isn't to get into that..)

It was a beautiful, fun and interesting game! Had lots of fun playing it!


waste of time

Good Job

I had a lot of fun playing this game. The story and the world was really well done and I was immersed in it (but unfortunately I exited the game on accident😭) but still a great game.

Here's my gameplay of it. It starts at 02:38

A fun chilled out horror game with an interesting story.


First in the line up. A solid weird trip into sci fi dystopian farming. 

very nice, let me guess, the scientist ray did nothing and on the next day the ray comes back on people? :>

Great setting, interesting universe. Would love a continuation of the story in this universe

excelent game, loved it !

Ngl, I got bored. Very curious about the story/world this takes place in though! 

wheat is life 
wheat is love

very relaxing game. thank you for making it.

10/10 amazing. Also Kenforest what is the Name of the Poor old town? It is Never Explaind in the game

It is a really cool concept, and I would love you or someone to further explore this genre!



Liked the game, was cool.

Another great game by some of the best developers here on!

Keep doing good work man! :)

that was really fun with very great gameplay and some amazing graphics sbsolutely love it. 

          if you have half an hour to spare play it.                                   1000/100

Atmospheric, philosophical and awesome as always my dude. Do you plan to make any bigger game in the future? I would totally buy it.

this isn't what i expected thought it was going to be super scary but it is basically an apocalyptic farming simulator, but it is good and kinda fun, but this is definitely not horror 

Can you breathe backwards air?


The art direction and atmosphere is phenomenal. Love the dadcore/chore gameplay, really makes me want more games of that type but more eerie and off-putting. I actually found the harvesting gameplay itself to be super calming and enjoyable, the attention to detail with the reversed thunder and rain sounds was also a super nice touch.      

cool idea for a game! great job!

Such a cool game:) 

Amazing concept. Amazing game. 

You know... why not?

I love the simulation aspect of this. I could have played that forever if there was more upgrades and things to acquire. Amazing game. The atmosphere was incredible. Keep up the great work! 

una idea interesante, quizás algo tedioso. pero en concepto me gustó bastante. 

Not bad, will have to def finish it (maybe on twitch) first game in video.

Since there are two of me in the field, I should have gotten twice the wheat coin.

Very interesting game! I liked the weird time loopiness and harvesting against myself! Very unique idea! 
Would be interesting to see more built on an idea like this!

Very well done KenForest!




It was great... :) HAHAHAHAHA 


I haven't played the game but it looks quite interesting 😁

An interesting concept with an amazing visual style. Overall a pleasant experience.

This was freakin fun! I loved it haha, I kinda wish there were more coin quests

The whole reverse thing was sooo cool! The lore was very interesting and the gameplay was satisfying! I was on edge the whole time due to how gritty and dark the atmosphere was. I really want to see what happens after the end! 
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