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You are in a dark space, you can't see anything. You only have a lidar scanner with which you can scan the area. You wander through the corridors in the hope of finding a way out of this gloomy place.

This game is based on Scanner Sombre and Garry's mod addon LIDAR


WASD - Move 
Shift - Run 
LMB - Scan
RMB - Detailed scan
Mouse scroll - Change radius
E - Interact 

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LIDAR.EXE v1.1 [Some fixes] 97 MB
LIDAR.EXE v1.0 97 MB


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This was amazing! The game as a concept is great, the feeling if not knowing what is in the dark until you scan it is great!

Very very close to the Garry’s Mod gamemode,I liked it a lot, maybe a update with a couple new levels or new things stalking in the dark would be cool, expanding on the idea!

Сканируй чтобы пройти!

This was a really cool idea and it had me in my own head the entire time.

Hey! Played your game and had fun. Was very similar to Scanner Sombre, but better ending lol. I've played a few of your games now, enjoyed all of em so far! Keep up the great work!


Great game, I really loved the mechanic. I hope someday you expand this concept into a larger game. Good job!
Made a spanish gameplay of your game, hope you like it!


Such an awesome concept to explore with full emersion. Looking forward to where you might take this idea in the future!

I think I might have softlocked myself

Fantastic Concept! Love good horror game ideas and would love to see some animated scares and tighter corridors! Solid 8/10 Concept!

Amazing concept, I hope you expand the world and make a full experience out of this. Its honestly horrifying knowing you have to unveil your own demise as something stalks you in the darkness. 


This was such an awesome game to play! super unique, I honestly wish it was longer. The suspense kept killing me and i'd jump everytime... the screen glitched after scanning

Thought the game was pretty cool

Heyy I like your game the concept is unique and creative, I like it, And i already upload my gameplay on my Youtube Please check it, Thank you

Unique gameplay very cool.

Scanning is cool


Really fun and unique concept. Oddly mesmerizing!

Muy buen juego, tiene momentos realmente aterradores y el hecho de no saber que es lo que se oculta solo lo hace mas aterrador, aunque siento que el final quedo un poco desaprovechado, lo considero un buen juego


Despite my OBS butchering the quality, this game was a ton of fun! I'd love to learn more about it, and if you have any plans for any future content!

Okay well that was epic! Seriously one very awesome game. Thank you so much Dev!! I was blown away by the concept. I really would love to see more and maybe some lore. 

Really cool concept for a game, I enjoyed the unexpected jump scares, keep up the good work :)
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This js such a creative concept for a game and scared the bejesus lit of me. Awesome econcept to have limited control of what you see, and trick the player with the red guy. In my gameplay i play a different game first, but quickly switch. 



oh man, still keeping up to this day? that's pretty neato

either way, if you've got an itch for new LIDAR-based content, im working on my own iteration to the "genre", which will be out...


Thank you my good sir for this beautiful game. I shall always remember it. However, the ending had me underwhelmed... still, it was great, keep up the good work.


Was very cool. I could never get the gmod addon to run. I think it needs something extra to make it into a full game.

gmod mod:))

This is very interesting and unique game. Unforgettable experience!

What a unique experience. Love it! Hoping to get more content sometime in the future.


Very fun and unique, would love to see a full game using these kinda mechanics

very interesting game

Played the game on my channel! I thought it was pretty cool- I definitely missed some things, but I still think you can do a lot more with the idea!


I WANT TO SEE PART 2 OF THIS GAME, WE NEED IT 11/10 my dude, keep it up

liked this game good atmosphere nice ambience this game was lagging a little bit because im playing on Laptop but still good i liked the idea, but the end was like bruh just a red monster? the end was expected but the game is still good, nice job! 10/10

Hyo I think the dynamics of the game very interesting,I really liked how different was I had never played something like this I thought it was cool Good job!!!

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

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This is the BEST Concept for a HORROR Game

Хммм интересная игра 

Конечно я снял её на канал 

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game is not compatible with my graphics it is :
Intel(R) UHD Graphics. edit: never mind i just had to relaunch it again

I was thinking of making a game like the garry's mod addon, glad you too had the bright idea! It looked like a headache to make and more fun to play lol

Really interesting, I had fun! It's not the creepiest game, but it desn't matter, it has it's own charm.

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I like the concept diffrent from other horror games although i think there is alot more potential to be done with the game! Was a great game though ty! Also I made a video on it if you wanna check it out feel free :P

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