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Ностальгия / Nostalgia

Jogo diferente e interessante, me senti na matrix jogando!

Different and interesting game, I felt in the matrix playing!

I had a blast (re)playing your game in my last stream! Can't wait to see what else you do!


Good game

This was such a unique experience! I really enjoyed the LIDAR mechanic! 


This game scared me every time it was supposed to. Proud of that and proud of you. I hope to see this in a larger game format someday and I beg you to keep up the amazing work!

Not bad although the ending felt a bit weird, but I enjoyed it nontheless! (1st game)

i thought the ending was a bit weird asw

Great game, loved it!

That's an interesting idea. Quite unusual mechanics

In the first playthrough, I didn't scan the person and because of this, the game broke down... The second time everything went without incident)

is this free

i love the game it so scary but a settings option would be perfeble as maybe we can adjust our sensitivity sounds and other stuff

I've been meaning to finish this game forever now but never got too cuz it's too terrifying for me untill today with twitch chat i actually did finally beat it, it's like a great weight is off of me finally. You did an amazing job with the game!


After seeing Markiplier play this, I gotta say I love the concept!
I feel like it could've used more sound effects in the environment, though.


very good game with nice suspance, i enjoyed playing this game. much loVe

Spoopy game!!

Good and Original Concept! is great

wow amazing game

The truth is, if it wasn't for the recording, I would spend all my free time to "discover" everything
Prawda jest taka, gdyby nie nagrani, to bym spędził cały wolny czas aby wszysytko "odkryć"


love the game. I don't know why but I accidentally rushed the game without seeing any spooks until the pipe one. I'm disappointed at myself for how I keep accidentally finding the right path. Again, I love the game and its atmosphere


vewwy scawwy

Amazing concept, this game made me a fan of LIDAR horror games. Would love to see this evolve into a bigger project

So freaking cool. I love this game, could do with more spooks but overall not bad. More cool than scary, still good. 


Although I managed to go out of bounds and softlock myself twice,really cool game. I really like the concept of scanning the area and drawing the perimeter of the area to guide yourself. It has a lot of potential. The silhouettes suddenly appearing were also very cool. First time it happened it genuinely surprised me.

On the other hand, the ending was kinda weak. Entering a tunnel and having the game take your control away only to scan a weird monster that feels visually inconsistent followed by a PNG jumpscare.

Other than that, yeah. Game is very cool

I loved the game can't wait for some more content



is version  not scary im play in gmod lidar is this is the first version and is really really scary

first time playing this game and I'm impressed 

I really love the concept of this game, I have to try out Scanner Sombre now!

I fucking love this shit. I couldn't play all the way because it's so well made.

So it's basically like jabbing the world with a bingo dobber. I get you.

Lidar is clearly inspired by Scanner Sombre, one of the most original horror games I've seen up until now. 

Lidar, as much as Scanner Sombre, will make you feel the unease of complete darkness and alienation from your surroundings. It's simple, yet extremely effective, and, as H.P. Lovecraft would say: "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."

Full Walkthrough on Steam Deck with no commentary. If you enjoy the video please Like and Subscribe. 

Before this game I had no clue about LIDAR horror games! The concept of wandering in the dark with a strange entity lurking was captured perfectly in the game. The strange and uneasy feeling was nice when exploring the map. Only complaint was the scare at the end. Didn't really understand what it was.

agreed tbh

This game inspired me to look further into LIDAR based horror games. Definitely a sweet little introduction into the gimmick!

Interesting concept, would be nice if this was somehow turned into a survival horror in relation to something like Alone in the dark, silent hill, hell night, fatal frame and so on.


game was pretty unsettling for me.. 10/10

I will be playing this live tomorrow, around 700 PM EST =)


This is such an interesting idea for a game, I swear your games never disappoint!
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